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Theater C   

Show Dates & Times:

January 11 - 27, 2024

7:30 PM Evening Performances

2:30 PM Sunday Matinees

Opening Night

7:30 PM Friday, 1/13 

90 minutes - no intermission

General Admission $25

Seniors $20 (use code SENIOR20)

Jerry and Vita are an independent, passionate couple with 50 years of marriage under their belts. The type of couple who knows each other so well they can finish each other’s complaints.

An opportunity to move to an assisted living community arrives sooner than expected and they must quickly make a life-changing decision. We follow the pair over three intimate, banter-filled mornings as they grapple, negotiate, and reminisce to determine what decision they can live with.

The Sweet Spot examines how people grow together, how our sense of identity shifts over time, and how love conquers all if we’re brave enough to let it.


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