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 American Bard Theater Company strives to bring first-rate theatrical experiences to our audiences. We could not have achieved any of this without the support and involvement of the New York theatrical community and our beloved donors. We welcome any and all involvement and support whether it be creative or monetary. We look forward to many more years of creating theater and we hope you are a part of it. 

Help us tell our story
Bard - $5,000 or more
Poet- $1,000 or more
Dramatist - $500 or more
Baladeer - $250 or more
Storyteller - $100 or more
Fabler - $25 or more

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To Donate by Check: 
make checks payable to 

American Bard Theater Company

Your check should be mailed to: 
American Bard Theater Compan

4 East 27th St,. #200778
New York, NY 10001


The American Bard Theater Company is always looking to broaden our ever growing network of

New York based actors. We audition on a production by production basis. Feel free to send us your headshot and resume at


Want to volunteer? We hope so. Each project has specific needs and can always use a few more

hands to make the process all that much easier. Please pass along your information to 

Timothy C. Goodwin, Ross Hewitt and Natalie Doyle Holmes in Pericles

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