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September 12, 2015

June Havoc Theater

10am - 10pm


Hour by Hour: Susan Glaspell, was a staged reading event that spanned 12 hours and celebrate the works of one of the most influential and overlooked figures of the modern American Theater, Susan Glaspell. In addition to the presentation of 10 of Ms. Glaspell's plays, audiences are also invited to attend discussions featuring preeminent scholars and speakers from the International Susan Glaspell Society.

Block 1

10 AM – 1PM


Bernice (1915)  & Suppressed Desires (1918)

Presented by Red Garnet Theater Company



Kristen Calgaro, Mary C. Davis, Lauren Lubow,

Michael Propster & Rudi Utter


Directed by Courtney Laine Self


Block 2

1PM – 4PM


Close The Book (1917) & Woman’s Honor (1918)

Presented by Elephant Run District



Deven Anderson, Bill Bria, Chris Harcum, Helen Herbert, Mel House, Hollye Hudson, Vivienne Leheney, Jacqueline Sydney & Ashley Wilson


Directed by Aimee Todoroff


The Comic Artist (1927)

Presented by American Bard Theater Company



Becca Ballanger, Ethan Itskow, Mickey Pantano,

Laura Singerman & Montgomery Sutton


Directed by Michael Heitzler


Block 4

4PM – 7PM


Guest Discussion: Crime, Country & Comedy

Linda Ben-Zvi

(Susan Glaspell Biographer)


Trifles (1916) & The People (1917)

Presented by American Bard Theater Company



William John Austin, Lisa Barnes, Michele Butler,

Hamilton Clancy, Byron Hagan, Jack Herholdt,  Mickey Pantano,

 David Logan Rankin, Andrew Rogala & Cheri Wicks


Originally directed by Bill Burford

Remounted by Michael Heitzler


The Outside (1917) & Tickless Time (1918)

Presented by Working Actor Studio



Amanda Andrews, Gary Comorau, Kristi Kelly, Josue Ledesma,

Amanda Mouzakes, Jeannie Reed, Jacob Pressley, Andreas Striker,

& Audrey Yeoman


Directed by Regina O’Malley


Block 4

7PM – 10 PM


Alison’s House (1930)

Presented by American Bard Theater Company



Shaleah Adkisson, Crystal Arnette, Michele Butler, David Carson, Peter Connolly, Laura Darrell,

Chloe Dirkson, Jan Leslie Harding, Byron Hagan, Steven Hauck, Jack Herholdt & Cheri Wicks


Directed by Michael Heitzler


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