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Echoes in the Garden is a memory play, set in 1962 with flashbacks to the late 1920s - all in the home of Marion and Henry Hemmerich, in the small town of Wyomissing, PA.  This domestic drama centers on the return home of their daughter, Ruth, as the family tries to navigate social and familial expectations in the wake of loss that echoes through the generations. 


by  Ross G. Hewitt

Directed by Aimee Todoroff


Arthur Aulisi*...............Henry

Cheri Wicks*................Marion

Thursday Farrar*.........Lillian

Jake Roberson............Young Henry

Campbell Symes*......  Young Marion

Kirrin Tubo...................Young Lillian

Derrick Delgado...........David

Sarah Young.................Ruth

Jace Swinger................David

* Denotes members of Actors' Equity Association

The Chain Theatre - 312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY


March 11, 12 & 13, 2020 @ 7 pm 

This show runs 90 minutes with no intermission.

We were so happy to have our preview and opening night performances, and to share the show with an audience, and so sad that we had to close our doors!

Dear Theater-goers,


We hope this update finds you well.


In light of our Governor’s closure of public events, it is clear that we will not be able to reopen our show on March 25. We are deeply saddened, but understand that this is for the health and safety of our entire city.


We appreciate your patience during this uncertain time as we figure out a way to remount the show as soon as possible. 


We will keep you posted. Please watch our social media spaces for updates.

Ross Hewitt Playwright HS.jpg

I have wanted to explore this particular story as a playwright for over twenty years. At first, I was scared to write it.  I met my maternal grandmother only twice in my life. The first time, I was three years old. This play is based loosely on that visit. My mother brought my sister (who is one year younger than myself) and I to visit her parents in the early 1960s. She didn't like to talk about the subject much. I only remember visiting a chicken coop for the first time and her saying the visit did not go well. I took those few facts, and what personality descriptions I had of my grandparents and deduced what may have happened and why. I grew up not knowing her parents and wondered was it just because my sister and I were bi-racial? Or was there a possible deeper explanation? One thing my mother talked about was having a brother who died at the age of four years old. That happened five years before she, the next child, was born. She always felt she could never live up to the memory that her parents, especially her mother, held on to. So, my personal rejection by my own grandmother led me to explore the topic artistically.

Ross G. Hewitt - Playwright
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Signing on to direct Ross's wonderful play was an easy decision because there are so many points of connection in the world he's created. We all recognize the paralyzing pressures of existing under constant judgement, the desperate need for a parent's love and approval, the trauma of losing a child, and the tragedy of failing to act when decency and justice demand action. But what really drew me to this play, and the richly drawn characters inhabiting it, is the central question: do we let past trauma stunt our present lives and limit our capacity to love? In "Echoes in the Garden," the expansive physical world of a garden, where life grows and flourishes, is in conflict with the characters' caged emotional lives. They are trapped in a small world of their own making, through prejudice and fear. There's an exciting tension there, waiting to be explored in rehearsal and in design. 

Aimee Todoroff - Director
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Scenic Design - Mike Mroch

Costume Design - DeShon Elem

Asst. Costume Design - Ty Anderson

Sound Design - Jeanne Travis

Lighting Design - Annie Garret-Larsen

Asst. Lighting Design - Emily Murphy 

Graphic Design - Samantha Hewitt

Prop Master - Gregory Levine

Production Team

Director – Aimee Toddoroff

Stage Manager – Lara Tenenbaum*

Assistant Stage Manager - Julia Reed

Sound Op - Sean Alexander

Press Agent - Kampfire/Katie Rosin

Co-Producer – Erin Gilbreth

Child Wrangler - Matt Lamb

Box Office/House Manager - Erin Gilbreth

Lara, SM and Julia ASm setting up props
DeShon & Ty - Echoes costume designers
SM - Lara and actor - Arthur
designer photo 1

Visible Soul -The musings and diatribes of a New York actor and playwright. 

Blog by ZachCalhoon

People You Should Know........

Ross G. Hewitt - Playwright
cheri wicks playing Marion Memmerich

           playwright - Ross G. Hewitt                                actress - Cheri Wicks


Thanks for the pre-show press Zach Calhoon! (2020 production)

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